Become a part of the Maasai Joy experience! Each visit to the Maasasi Joy Children’s Center begins with a joyful welcome by the school’s leadership, faculty, and students.

By volunteering your time to our school, you will be contributing to the long term success of our community and the future of Tanzania. What you will receive in return is an experience that will warm your heart forever.

School groups, excursion groups and individuals are welcome, whether you want to help out with the school for a one or more weeks, or just visit for a day on a service learning experience. Every volunteer is a valuable addition to the education of our MJCC students. Contact us at volunteer@Maasaijoytz.org with questions or to arrange a volunteer visit.


Here are just a few of the ways you can help on a visit to the Maasai Joy school:

  • Teaching any subject you are qualified to teach (e.g. Mathematics, Science, English, Vocational skills, History, Geography, Art & Design).
  • Working with kids in a social and fun way
  • First aid courses for teachers and other staff members
  • Training & advising teachers through workshops and professional training
  • Helping our staff learn about other public education systems


Volunteers are asked to cover their expenses while visiting us. The following payment plan covers most expenses plus a small donation to the school funds:

1 week       $280

2 weeks      $490

3 weeks      $630

4 weeks      $700

Package includes:

  • Room at Habari Lodge Complex
  • Breakfast and lunch next door to the school
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Transport between Habari Lodge and the school, when needed and if available
  • Visa reference – NOTE: Visa costs are the responsibility of the traveler(s). Please visit www.tanzania.go.tz for more information.

Not covered:

  • Dinners
  • Week-end trips and other activities you may choose to undertake


We ask you to pay a deposit of 25% which will be refundable up to 7 days before the date of your arrival. This will ensure that we do not turn other potential volunteers away.