MJCC Today

Admission and Tuition

Prospective families complete an admission form and parental commitment letter. Current tuition fees are $500 per year for those who can afford to pay. There are approximately 40 students currently whose families are not able to make any financial contribution. For these students, the school director must find tuition funding.


Why Families Choose Maasai Joy

For Ekenywa villagers, there is no primary school, either public or private, that is closer than an hour-long walk away. For families who might be able to afford transportation into Arusha, MJCC is still an attractive choice for a number of reasons.


Parents cite MJCC’s reputation for strong parent and community involvement, small class sizes, and personalized instruction as reasons for selecting the school. Moreover, MJCC is less expensive than comparable private schools because its mission is to provide a quality early education for the less fortunate and most vulnerable children.


MJCC also distinguishes itself from public primary schools by teaching all courses in English, for all grades. In the government-funded schools, although English is taught as one of the subjects, instruction in all other subjects is in Swahili until secondary school. Many parents realize the value of having their children learn English from an early age, both because it better prepares them for secondary school, and because it prepares them for good jobs after school, since English is the international language of business. A strong command of the English language also increases opportunities for graduates to communicate with and travel to neighboring English-speaking countries like Uganda, Kenya and Zambia.


MJCC Faculty

Christina Peter is Maasa Joy’s School Director. As the school’s academic leader, Christina is responsible for ensuring that the classroom instruction is excellent and that students perform well on their national exams. A former Maasai Joy teacher herself, Christina has greatly expanded the school’s remedial services by extending instructional time opportunities before school and after school, on selected Saturdays, and during the August break.



All classroom instruction at Maasai Joy is based on the Tanzanian national curriculum standards. This ensures that students at MJCC can gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to enroll in high school after graduation and to perform well once they are in high school.


In recognition of the importance of student examination scores, which determine individual high school placement, the school requires that all 4th and 7th grade students participate in extended learning hours before and after school, on selected Saturdays, and during their month long August break.


Student Support Services

A report on each student’s performance for the semester is sent to each parent, who reviews it with the classroom teacher. At the end of each semester, parents are invited to school to participate in an awards assembly to honor students who have performed well on their exams and to encourage those who did not.


Special parent/teacher conferences are held once a semester for every student who is struggling in one or more classes. During this meeting, parents, teachers and administrators explore the reasons for the student’s learning difficulty and an individual learning plan is developed for the student. These meetings are generally highly successful, as the student receives the support that he or she needs from home and school.